What does this treatment do?
Our under eye dark circle treatment works on plumping up the area around the eyes and protecting it from premature aging. It has immediate effect on activation of microcirculation and hence reducing the dark circles. the skin around the eyes is lifted and firmness is restored to the eyelids.


What all conditions can be treated with this treatment?

This treatments is effective in the following cases

  • Dark circles.
  • sagging eyelid skin.
  • Aging related skin changes around eyes.
How is the  procedure done ?
First the skin is cleaned and exfoliated.Gentle massage is done to improve microcirculation and tone up the skin.This treatment works on minimizing fine lines and elimination of dark circles by applying a eye contouring serum, after which a special eye patch is applied on the eyes and kept on for around 20 minutes. This has a cooling effect with hydration properties.The treatment is sealed off by applying an eye contouring cream. This treatment leaves the eyes relaxed and energised.

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