Ultrasonic Hydration Treatment (Mesofacial)
What is Ultrasonic Hydration Treatment?
This painless and natural beauty technique has no side effects and is suitable for all skin types.
It is a non invasive method to pass actives like Hyaluronic acid,Vit E, A , Rosehip concentrate, Arbutin, Kojic acid along with other potent rejuvenating extracts deeper into the skin.It helps in hydration,toning and firming of the skin making it brighter and fresh .This procedure rejuvenates the skin with providing an instant lift along with improving the skin tone by delivering the actives used deep into the skin for an instant glow making the lustre sheen and radiance of your face come alive.


What is the result of the Ultrasonic Hydration Treatment ?

1.Instant face-lift

2.Improves the skin tone

3.Provides oxygenation and nutrition to the tissues

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